' Boos Rock Winery - Team


Bryon Boos – Vintner

Bryon has spent his career as a mass batch producer of commercial products. He began producing his own wine in 2004 and delighted in his product, but as a consummate lover of California wine, knew that an opportunity existed to create something special in the Lehigh Valley, PA. With his neighbor and future partner David, they crafted a vision that together could launch a unique wine to be enjoyed by locals and beyond.


David B. Rothrock – Visionary

David is not only one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs of the Lehigh Valley, PA, but also a self-proclaimed California wine snob. David has been dreaming up the concept of a private members only winery with the region’s best produced wine for over a decade. Using his business acumen and vision combined with Bryon’s winemaking skills was the perfect match.


Ron Carl – Funmeister

Ron has spent his career with an exceptional blend of Operations Management, Leadership, and Motivational and International speaking. As a trusted business colleague and friend of David and Bryon's along with his love of exceptional wine, he was added to the team as an assistant wine producer and master of music and hijinx.